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This API is a pet project I’ve been wanting to work on for some time. Its general purpose is to allow you to find basic information on satellites with ham radio gear onboard including:

  • Keplerian Elements
  • Transmitters
  • Overhead pass times

Since this is a pet project, I work on it in my spare time. Certain things may not work as expected. Error handling is especially weak at the moment, most resources have been programmed to replace unsafe settings with ones that will run rather than returning an error. For example, if you request overhead passes at a date in the past, the date will be changed to the current date. This will be fixed as my work schedule allows. I’ve created a simple driver website to show the basics of the API. I haven’t finished populating the database with transmitter information but hope to finish that soon.

Resource Operation Description

GET /satellites/

GET /satellite/(int:noradID)/

GET /satellite/(int:noradID)/plan13

POST /satellite/(int:noradID)/

Get all satellites

Get specific satellite

Get overhead pass schedule for specified satellite

Create a new satellite (UNIMPLEMENTED)


GET /transmitters/

GET /transmitters/(int:noradID)/

Get all transmitters

Get transmitters on specific satellite


GET /keps/

GET /keps/(int:noradID)/

Get all keplerian elements

Get current keplerian elements for specific satellite


GET /user/(string:userName)/

POST /user/(string:userName)/

Get user information

Creates a new user

Auth POST /auth/(string:userName)/ Determines if a user authenticates

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